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Helium Mobile WiFi Hotspot


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What it does:

‍This creates wireless coverage so devices that connect to it will have internet access, such as cell phones. For installing this you will be rewarded with Mobile tokens.

How to install:

This unit should be installed indoors.

This unit can also be powered by POE : POE+ Injector If ordering multiple radios you can connect multiple to this POE+ switch : POE+ Switch which is more cost effective.

What’s included & recommended parts:‍

1 x Helium Mobile WiFi Hotspot

This includes the mounting hardware to screw into ceilings, And the DC power jack.

Below are some recommended parts to help complete the installation.

– Outdoor Enclosure : If you wish to place the unit outdoors, you will need and enclosure such as this.

– Outdoor rated ethernet cable : Choose a length a bit longer than needed.