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Baicells NOVA 430H + FreedomFi 5G Helium Hotspot US915


  Power Supply & All Cables Included
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What it does:

‍This creates wireless coverage so devices that connect to it will have internet access, such as cell phones. For installing this you will be rewarded with Mobile tokens.

How to install:

This radio must be installed outdoors. To maximize rewards it should be installed as high as possible. Preferably on a roof with no obstructions around such as trees around.

What’s included & recommended parts:‍

1 x Baicells 430h
1 x FreedomFi

This includes the mounting hardware to attach to poles, and the POE injector to power the unit. There are no ethernet cables included.

Below are some recommended parts to help complete the installation.

– Outdoor Enclosure : If you wish to place the FreedomFi outdoors, you will need and enclosure such as this.

– Proxicast steel J-Pipe : If you have no way to mount the unit, this mount can support up to three, 430s.

– Outdoor rated ethernet cable : Choose a length a bit longer than needed.

Grounding Cable : If you wish to ground the unit.

Silicone Tape : For any connections you wish to keep waterproof and not leave a residue on removal.